Alienware D9T Specs 

Alienware D9T Specs


  • Alienware D9T has four SO-DIMM sockets using DDR2 memory.
  • SO-DIMM memory is designed for small-factor computers, such as laptops or integrated computers.
  • Each socket was able to accept 1Gb of memory for a total of 4GB.

Gaming Laptop With Desktop Specs

  • Alienware D9T was a laptop also known as the Alienware M7700, Clevo D9T, and D900T or Sager 9860.
  • It is a gaming laptop designed as a desktop replacement.
  • Was released in 2006 for a price starting at $2,000 and going up to $5,000.
  • The laptop was unique in that it used a desktop processor instead of a laptop processor.


  • Alienware D9T was using a socket 775 from Intel allowing Alienware to sell it with Pentium 4 processors from 3.0 to 3.6Ghz.
  • Processors used the HT (Hyperthreading) technology that allowed them to be seen as a two-processor even though they were single-core.
  • The laptop was not capable of using the socket 775 Core Duo processors because the chipset on the motherboard was not compatible with them.


  • Alienware D9T has two hard drive bays as seen in the photo below.
  • The bays were able to accommodate either SATA or PATA (Serial or Parallel ATA) drives indiscriminately.
  • The D9T was able to use the drives as two independent drives or as a RAID array.
  • The D9T was able to create RAID 1 where both drives were a mirror of each other or RAID 0 where the two drives were combined into one large drive.
Alienware D9T Specs 

Video Specs


  • The Alienware D9T was designed as a gaming laptop and sported a high-definition screen and a fast graphics card.
  • The card by default was the NVIDIA 6800, but users could upgrade it with ATI X800 or NVIDIA 6800 pro by replacing the video card module.
  • The screen sported a resolution of 1680 by 1050 pixels.
  • The laptop was also equipped with an analog TV tuner.

Battery Specs

  • The battery was the weak point of the Alienware D9T.
  • Using desktop processors such as the notorious energy-hungry Pentium 4 and high-end graphics meant that the battery was only capable of running the laptop for a short period of time.
  • The battery only lasted an hour when playing a DVD.


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