How To Set-Up Email Marketing Services For Your Website

How To Set-Up Email Marketing Services For Your Website


1. Pick an Email Marketing Services:

There are lots of good Email Marketing Services providers that exist on the internet. I would like to mention two popular services here.
  1. Mail Chimp
  2. ConverKit
These two email marketing service providers are the most popular and provide free services to up to free 1000 subscribers.


Mailchimp is the All-In-One integrated marketing platform for small businesses, to grow their business on your terms. It’s easy to use – start for free today!

With the help of MailChimp, you can put a subscription form on your blog just like I put it on the homepage of my blog.

How To Set-Up Email Marketing Services For Your Website

MailChimp offers you 1,000 Scribers for free and with it, you can send emails to all these subscribers at once with their names.

It also allows you to, Alternatively, you can add this subscription form to any post or page using a custom code.

Mailchimp provides great services. I use this service myself and I suggest you use the same service.


Get the email marketing tools and automation you need to grow your blog and business. Join more than 100000 creators and try ConvertKit today.

Convertkit is also a popular email marketing service. I have tried it and I can say that it is a very similar service to MailChimp.

By using ConvertKit, you can add a popup subscriber form to your blog and set it as a global or specific page/post.

How To Set-Up Email Marketing Services For Your Website

This is very simple and easy to use for WordPress. Just install the ConvertKit plugin and connect it with your account using API Key, That’s it.

So, I recommend both services because both are too good, but you can choose anyone as per your choice. If you like popup subscription forms ConvertKit is an ideal choice for you, alternatively, you can use MailChimp, if you want to add a subscription form on a specific page.

I will try to add separate article’s about How you can add MailChimp Or ConvertKit to your Blog. That’s all for now.

Why Do People Give You Their Email And Subscribe To Your Blog?

  • You put a subscription form on your blog and visitors are also looking at it but is there any reason why they should subscribe to your blog and give you their email for free?
  • No one will do this. You have to do something that will force the visitor to subscribe to your blog. And if you can’t do that, you’ll still have a shortlist of emails months or years later.
  • To write quality content on your blog that people are interested in reading and subscribe to your blog to learn about your upcoming new content.
  • Another option might be to place a variety of offers on your website that users can subscribe to your blog to receive like,
  • As per the blogging niche, You can offer WordPress paid themes or plugins. Also, you can ask the users, if you want to make lots of money from your blog. Subscribe to our newsletter and get these free tips and make and become rich.
  • The biggest reason for this is that when you provide people with some good material, people will stay connected with you, otherwise, there are tens of millions of blogs on the Internet, users will leave your blog and go to another blog.

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