How to make money from Whatsapp status .How To Monetize Your WhatsApp

How to make money from Whatsapp status.How To Monetize Your WhatsApp.

 How to make money from Whatsapp status .How To Monetize Your WhatsApp
To know the best possible way to find How to make money from Whatsapp status? Read this post.

The most-used messaging platform in the world today is Whatsapp Status.

With the amount of time and data people spend on Whatsapp status daily, it is only genuine for people to be concerned about how to make some money through their Whatsapp Status.

In this article, we shall provide you with some proven ways of making money through your Whatsapp Status.

While WhatsApp itself doesn’t allow ads or commercial transactions, there are still plenty of ways to take advantage of its unique format and earn small sums of money here and there.

This is how most of the WhatsApp Status accounts operate and generate revenue. (These accounts can also generate a lot of money through affiliate marketing but for some reason, most of these accounts don’t. They are leaving cash on the table.)

The steps are:

  1. Setup a phone with WhatsApp Business
  2. Post relevant content to WhatsApp Status about 10 times a day.
  3. Drive people to subscribe to view my statuses every day.
  4. Find advertisers that would pay me to post their ad on my status. Find affiliate products my audience would be interested in and share them on my status.

1. Using  FastAd – The app that lets you make money from your social media account and even WhatsApp Status


You can download FastAd for Android and iOS.

Download for Android:

Download for iPhone:

Use the website:

Tips and tricks

Here are a few tips I recommend and use myself in order to maximize your earnings on the app

  • Download the Ad image before sharing
  • Add the Ad image to your shared link
  • Use a very catch caption when posting on social media, or WhatsApp Status.
    This motivates people to click. Remember the more clicks, the more you earn.
  • Share your link and the Ad image in large Facebook groups, Telegram channels, and WhatsApp groups
  • Share as many Ads as you can

How to Create a free account

You can download it for Android and iOS and set up your account

Download for Android:

Download for iPhone:

Use the website:


2. Affiliate System (Selling your Product or that of Third Parties)

Affiliate marketing is a platform where you promote a specific product on behalf of a company. For example, Amazon is one of the best affiliate marketing platforms. In affiliate marketing, you can get a commission that is dependent upon the product, which you have to sell. You have to choose the product you want to promote. After settling for one, get your affiliate URL and start promoting it on WhatsApp by sharing the link with your contacts and connected groups. In addition to Amazon, there are several other reputed sites that offer affiliate marketing plans.


3. Advertise People’s Products For Commissions

One of the easiest and best ways of making money on your WhatsApp status is by advertising other people’s products on your status for commissions.

In order for you to attain some level of success with this option, you need to, first of all, build a loyal list of people who always view your status.

4. Using  What sad As A Marketer

Follow these steps to start using What sad as a marketer.

  1. Visit or download the What sad Marketing App from Google PlayStore.
  2. Click on sign in or log in.
  3. Select Register.
  4. Enter your name, country, city, mobile money number, email address, and password.
  5. Click on register.
  6. Login to your account.
  7. Look under my ads tab.
  8. Select and download the ads available to you.
  9. Upload on your status and on social media.
  10. When you get over 50 views, take a screenshot and upload it on the app or site to redeem your money.

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