How To Reset Epson Cartridge Chip Without Resetter

You can Reset Epson Ink Cartridge Chip Without Resetter by pressing and holding the button above the chip with a bent paper clip for 10 seconds.

Locating The Reset Button On The Epson Printer?

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  • Locate the control panel of your Epson printer.
  • It is usually on the top right-hand side of your printer, near any digital display screen that the printer may have, and where the button used to turn the computer on and off is also located.
  • Find the button marked Pause/Reset on the row of buttons on the control panel.

Reset Button On Epson Ink Cartridge

How To Reset Epson Ink Cartridge Chip Using A Paper Clip.

  1. Grasp one of the ends of a metal paper clip and bend it outward.
  2. The end should be at a 90-degree angle from the rest of the paper clip.
  3. Remove the ink cartridge from the printer.
  4. Look at the bottom of the cartridge. You should see a chip with a small hole underneath
  5. Insert the end of the paper clip into the hole and press down.
  6. Remove the paper clip.
  7. Insert the printer cartridge back into the print head and continue printing as normal.

How To Reset Epson Ink Cartridge Chip Using The Cartridge Chip Swap

Some ink cartridges will notify you to replace an ink cartridge while it will still have a 30-40% ink level. This trick is basically fooling your printer using your Black and CMY cartridges.

  1. Properly uninstall both Black and CMY cartridges.
  2. Carefully slide away their cartridge chips off.
  3. You may need a single-bladed razor to remove a chip’s excess plastic to effectively remove the chip from its cartridge.
  4. Swap the chips on the cartridges. Put the Black cartridge chip on the CMY cartridge. Then put the CMY cartridge chip on the Black cartridge.
  5. Properly install the ink cartridges back on the printer.
  6. Press the Ink Change button on your printer to signal that you have replaced the ink cartridges.
  7. The computer will now show that the ink cartridges have full ink levels.
  8. Press the Ink Change button again.
  9. Uninstall both of your cartridges.
  10. Put the cartridge chips back on their respective ink cartridges.
  11. Black cartridge chip on the black ink cartridge. CMY cartridge chip on CMY ink cartridge.
  12. Install the ink cartridges again into your printer and press the Ink Change button.
  13. Both cartridges will now reflect the same level of ink.


How To Reset Epson Ink Cartridge Chip Using A Cartridge Reset Tool

Epson Cartridge Reset Tool
For some Epson cartridge models, they have no reset buttons. Instead, the chip’s metal contacts need to be pressed specifically at the same time. This is where Cartridge Reset Tools comes in handy.

  1. First, look for a reset tool that is compatible with your cartridge model.
  2. Properly uninstall your empty ink cartridge.
  3. Position your ink cartridge where the chip’s metal contacts are displayed to the pins of the rest tool.
  4. Press the reset tool to the cartridge and allow the tool’s pins to press the metal contacts of the cartridge chip.
  5. Wait for the tool’s light to go green.
  6. When the green light starts to blink your cartridge chip is now reset and ready to be reused.

How To Reset Anyink Cartridge Chip Without Resetter 

Here’s how to reset ink cartridges, regardless of brand. 

  1. Locate the chip. It’s a tiny green circuit board about a quarter of the size of a postage stamp.
  2. They are often located on the front or bottom of your printer cartridge.
  3. Bend a paperclip.
  4. The stiff wire of a bent paperclip is perfect for resetting the chip on your ink cartridge.
  5. Press the tiny reset button located beside the chip and hold for 10 seconds.
  6. Depending on the brand and model of the cartridge, you may not need to hold the button for 10 seconds.
  7. Replace the ink cartridge in your printer and check the ink level monitor. It should read 100% full.
How To Reset an Ink Cartridge [Regardless of Brand] - Sell Toner Cartridges For Cash | Cash4Toners
Reset Epson Cartridge Chip Without Resetter

So now you know how…but why? What are these weird green things and what do they do?

The answers to these questions and more lie ahead.


How To Operate An Epson Chip Resetter

Reset Epson Cartridge Without Resetter

Epson Chip Resetter

  1. Remove the ink cartridge from the printer, and place the small pins of the Epson chip resetter against the chip of the ink cartridge.
  2. Hold it there for approximately six seconds to reset the chip to its original “full” setting.
  3. If the resetter has an indicator light, a green light reveals that the reset was successful.


What Does Epson Ink Cartridge Chip Do?

Resetting the chip on your Epson ink cartridge resets the ink level estimate on a compatible chip, meaning you can continue to use the cartridge when your printer believes that the ink level is low.



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