How To Remove Samsung Tv Stand

Most people would prefer fixing the TV set on the wall using brackets or installing the TV stand inside a wall cabinet instead of the default stand found inside the TV Box. Samsung TV usually comes with a compatible stand and all the hardware required to assemble it. If you have broken or misplaced your stand, you may be able to purchase a new one from their spare parts page.

How To Remove Samsung Tv Stand

Whether your TV stand is broken or you would like to fix the TV on the wall, will help you learn how to remove Samsung Tv Stand by doing it yourself.

Samsung Tv Stand Models


How To Remove Samsung Tv Stand- TV Stand Manual
How To Remove Samsung Tv Stand


How To Remove Samsung Tv Stand- TV stand backside

How To Remove Samsung Tv Stand For Any Model

Follow the following steps while removing any Samsung  tv pedestal stand

4 Tools You Will  Need Before Removing The Pedestal Stand From Your Samsung Tv:

A Phillips-head screwdriver

  1.  A flat workspace big enough to lay the TV down. Preferably a bed with a soft mattress.
  2. A soft protective cloth to cover the workspace.
  3. A Phillips-head screwdriver preferably with a magnetic tip as shown above.
  4. Someone to help you lift the TV.

Steps To Follow To Remove Remove Samsung Tv Stand

  1. Cover the workspace area with a dense protective cloth, making sure that it is clear of anything that might scratch the TV.
  2. When picking up the TV grab the bottom and top of the frame, also known as the bezel.
  3. Do not put pressure on the screen using your thumbs as this could damage the display unit.
  4. Gently lay the TV screen upside down on the cloth, then using the screwdriver loosen and remove all four screws.
  5. Slowly pull the stand out of the bottom of the TV.
  6. Keep the screw-drivers safe

 Removing Samsung Tv Stand For Samsung Ln32C530F1Fxza 

Samsung Ln32C530F1Fxza -How To Remove Samsung Tv Stand
  1. Place the TV face down on a clean flat surface with the stand hanging over one edge
  2. Remove the 4 screws securing the stand to the TV
  3. Use a pair of tweezers to remove screws from their recessed holes to free up the stand
  4. Holding the TV so it does not slide off the work surface, gently pull the stand straight out of the TV

How To Remove The Stand From A Samsung Flat Screen Tv

How To Remove Samsung Tv Stand-samsung tv stand base assembly

  1. Spread a blanket or duvet out on a flat surface such as the floor.
  2. Lay the Samsung flat-screen TV face down on the comforter.
  3. Use the magnetized screwdriver to gently unscrew all the 4-6 screws securing the stand to the television.
  4. Remove the screws with the magnetized Philips screwdriver. If you do not have a magnetized screwdriver use tweezers to remove screws from the hole.
  5. Pull the stand from the back of the television.
  6. Mount the television to the wall with wall-mounting hardware you can purchase from any home entertainment store.

Video: Samsung Tv Stand – How To Remove


Video: Samsung 4K Smart Tv Stand – How To Assemble/Remove



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