How To Fix Ad Serving Limit On Adsense  2021

How To Fix Ad Serving Limit On Adsense  2021

Limited ad serving impacts publishers’ earnings directly because fewer ads are shown to users which means fewer clicks and less revenue as a result. Enforcement action is usually temporary, lasting around 30 days, but this can take longer under certain circumstances. In this post you gonna know how to Fix the Ad Serving Limit.

Why Google Places Ad Limits on Publishers

What Is The Ad Serving Limit?

  • Google has recently introduced this algorithm. Before that, whenever there was a policy violation or a traffic issue on a website, Google would disable the AdSense account for that website.
  • Google has disabled many AdSense accounts which affected its advertising network and publishers, Also, people who run Google ads on their websites were unhappy with Google’s behavior.
  • So Google changed its algorithm and now if there is a policy violation or traffic violation on any website then Google does not disable the AdSense account but stops showing ads on a particular website and whenever that website fixes these violation issues, then ads re-appear.
  • Google Adsense usually places Ad Limits to protect the integrity of their ad network.
  • They want to protect advertisers from fraud, users from bad user experiences and maintain publisher relationships.
  • Ad serving limits can be temporary until specific issues regarding traffic quality are sorted out.
  • Having your ad serving limited through AdSense is a nightmare to most. It essentially means that your monetization efforts are limited, and you’re not able to reach your full ad revenue potential through AdSense.

There is no limit to the number of AdSense ads you can show.

How to avoid Ad Limits on your Adsense Account

Start by reading over the AdSense program policies and make sure your site complies with all of them:

  • Pay attention to invalid traffic concerns. This part is obvious if you received an “Invalid traffic concerns” limit. It’s also a good option for any publisher that wants to protect their AdSense account from invalid traffic.
  • Focus on providing a good user experience and do not place more ads than content on a page.
  • Avoid basing your traffic on Social Media only- with at-least 30% Organic Traffic- you will be ok!
  • Most Social Media Traffic like Facebook is termed Poor Traffic Quality as users may be biased and click ads out of sympathy!
  • Avoid clicking your own ads to test anything! This may also lead to the account being canceled!



Different Types Of Ad Serving Limits


Why Google Apply Ad Serving Limits

  • There are many reasons for this, but the most common reason being is website traffic. Google asks and refers for organic traffic, But in the beginning, everyone was getting MOST traffic from social media (Facebook, Pinterest) and it was difficult to get organic traffic.
  • But nowadays (From 2020) Google asks for organic traffic and if there is no organic traffic to a website, Google imposes an ad serving limit on that website. This is the biggest reason for getting an ad serving limit and that’s why most websites got ad limits.

Three different ad serving limits exist:

Account being assessed

  • When this limit occurs, AdSense is busy assessing your traffic quality. Often, there is no set time to wait for limits to be removed. They will automatically review and update the limit as they discover more information on your traffic quality.

Invalid traffic concerns

  • Very similar to the situation mentioned above, here, your account is being limited because Google’s systems have detected some invalid traffic concerns. Again, they will automatically review and update the limit as they find more information on your traffic quality.
  • Not sure what invalid traffic is? Different types of invalid traffic exist, but generally, it is traffic that’s generated by bots that then click on your AdSense ads. It can also include accidental clicks and clicks from click farms.

Low Traffic To The Website

  • 3rd reason for the AD limit is the low and inconsistent traffic to the website.
  • If a website has low traffic, Google advertisers do not bid on those websites, which causes Google’s ads budget to be poor. That’s why Google puts an ad limit on your website.

How Many Adsense Ads Can You Have Per Page?

  • There is now no limit to the number of ads you can have per page but showing too many ads might offer a bad user experience. As a result, users could end up leaving your site, not clicking on ads, and installing ad blockers.(This causes a very high bounce rate causing ads limit)
  • When displaying ads, it’s always best to show them with user experience in mind.

How to check AdSense invalid clicks

  • Google has stated that they do not share specific data on invalid activity or invalid traffic/clicks detected on a publisher’s site for AdSense. They do this to protect the integrity of their detection systems.
  • Google often removes revenue from a publisher’s AdSense account either through real-time filtering, by removing earnings during the finalization process, or through deductions within 60 days after payment.

How To Stop Adsense Invalid Clicks

  • Google does not offer a clear-cut way for publishers to protect themselves from invalid clicks. Instead, they recommend:
  1. Avoiding low-quality traffic sources, which are typically filled with bot activity,
  2. Not clicking on your own ads, and also not placing ads in locations where they are prone to accidental clicks.


How To Remove Ad Serving Limit 2022


So if you also get an Ad limit on your website, don’t worry because it’s not a major issue because your account is still saved and not disabled, there is only an ad limit that can be solved.

Here are short steps to solve this problem:

  1. Remove Google Ad Code From Theme Header.php
  2. Disable Ad plugin And Remove All Ads Which You Have Implement Manual
  3. Delete Ads.txt File From File Manager
  4. Turn Off Auto Ads And Archive All Ad Units

Now let’s start these steps with screenshots.

Step # 1

Open WordPress Dashboard, hover the mouse pointer on Appearance and click Theme Editor.

How To Remove Ad Serving Limit 2022


Now click on Header.php and delete the Google AdSense verification code.

<script data-ad-client=”ca-pub-227397799996xxxx″ async src=””></script>

Google Ad Limit Solution 2021


Step # 2

Now we need to remove all ads on our website, If you use any ad plugin disable it. I am using Ad Inserter so I have disabled this plugin.

 Google Ad Limit Solution


Now go to Appearance and click on widgets and remove all AdSense widgets, In which you have inserted ad codes.

ad codes.


Step # 3

Open your web hosting cPanel or access File Manager. Go to the Public_html folder, select the ads.txt file, and delete this file. “Be sure to back it up before deleting“.



Step # 4

Open Google AdSense Account and click on Ads > Overview and click on “By ad unit“.

By ad unit


Now Archive all ad units. Archive all ad units, no one left. This is very important.

Archive all 


You can see I have archived all my ad units. You can see that I’ve saved all of my ad units and haven’t missed any ad units.

How To Solve Ad Serving Limit On AdSense - Google Ad Limit Solution 2021


Now Turn Off Auto Ads.

How To Solve Ad Serving Limit On AdSense - Google Ad Limit Solution 2021

That’s Done. Now you have to wait for 3 to 4 days. 

After 4 days when you log in with your AdSense account, you will not see the Ad Limit banner, which means that the Ad Serving Limit has been removed from your account.

You will only get the Ads.txt message and not see the ad limit message because the ad limit has been removed from your account.

How To Solve Ad Serving Limit On AdSense - Google Ad Limit Solution 2021

One thing to keep in mind is that Google does not send emails when it removes the ad limit from your account. So log in to your AdSense account at least 4 days later and see if the ad limit message doesn’t appear, then the ad limit has been removed.

How To Avoid Google Ad Limits

As far as we know everything about why Google Ad Limit seems and how to solve it. But the question raise about how we can save ourselves from this problem.

Here I will share with you some tips that can help you get rid of this problem.

First of all, we need to increase the organic traffic to our website because this is a major reason for the ad serving limit.

1. You need to write a quality and SEO-optimized article.

2. Try to find low competition keywords and write a unique and SEO-optimized one on these keywords. This method will increase your ranking on Google Search Engine Pages (SERP).

3. Create Backlinks for your posts because it will also increase the ranking of your website and you will also get a lot of traffic which will keep you safe from ad limits and also earn a lot of money.

4. Increase your website loading speed because if your website loads more than 3 seconds it will increase your website bounce rate and create a bad user experience. Because today’s era is very advance, if your website does not load quickly, the user will leave your website, which will reduce the ranking of the website and increase the bounce rate. So to solve this problem, always use CDN. For free CDN services link your website with Cloudflare.

5. Add your website to Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster. If your posts do not index quickly on Google you can follow this instruction to solve all indexing problems. This will allow your website to be immediately indexed by Google, which will increase its chances of ranking.

So, By following these tips you can increase the authority, ranking, and traffic of your website. Plus, you’ll be getting rid of the AdSense ad serving limit.



Those are great tips but won’t guarantee that you don’t receive invalid traffic.

Organic traffic is the most valuable usually but other traffic sources are not an automatic block. Invalid traffic limits mean that you’re getting traffic from sources identified as either non-human or fraudulent.

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